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High Trust SalesTom’s primary goal is to maximize your business and finances to ensure that they serve you to their fullest potential. Tom’s breadth of experience and holistic approach will help you or your salespeople capture every opportunity and move forward with laser focus. Be supported and held accountable by Tom Halapatz. Effectiveness coaching is an integral to embedding skills into everyday practice to increase performance and achieve results. We will provide you with authentic experience that takes you to your peak. Recognizing that every leader and sales person is unique and every circumstance is different, we have various coaching options that will help you achieve your goals: Business, Real Deal, Live Deal, and Key Account Coaching.

Business Coaching

Implementation of Emotivational Selling. Can include structures to fulfill business and personal targets, sales management & territory management coaching, remuneration review, job descriptions for key sales roles.

Real Deal Coaching

Tom’s Real Deal Coaching will help troubleshoot and refine your sales approach before, during, or after an important sales presentation. When preparing a trust building, questioning, or negotiating strategy, you will have the opportunity to review it with Tom. Tom is that “just-in-time coach” — an expert to help execute at any phase of the sales cycle. The focus of the Coaching is customizable to your organization’s needs including prospecting, relationship building, strategic dialogues, negotiation, presenting, or future actions. The coaching is especially relevant when pursuing complex, high-priority opportunities. Individual sessions can range from 30 minutes to a half-day and can be structured as one-time sessions or a series of multiple coaching sessions to ensure that sales skills are sustained and embedded to enhance performance and create powerful behavioral change.

Live Deal Coaching

It’s rare to find a sales trainer so confident in his skill that they’re willing to do joint fieldwork with your sales team. The fieldwork can include sales representative evaluation, prospecting, presentations, demonstrations, and/or creating and closing business opportunities. The goal of Live Deal Coaching is getting feedback and skill building right in the moment of engagement.

Key Account Coaching

We work strategically with our clients looking at their relationships and helping them to develop deeper trust to expose opportunities that they didn’t see before.

Can include:

  • Tactical Approach to develop new markets.
  • Eliminating a competitive threat without surrendering price.
  • Developing deep and broad Key Centers of Influence.
  • Compounding Value to increase deal sizes.