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High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors Pro Series

The design of the High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors Pro Series is to help Sales Managers in the Financial Services industry be proficient Professional Salespersons, Sales Managers, and Recruiters.

The Program delivers:

  • Industry compliant advanced Professional Selling Skills tailored financial services industry.
  • Leadership training to enhance Sales Managers selling skills to train financial advisors.
  • Training for new client acquisition and recruiting of new advisors.

Emotivational Selling System:

  • How to get inside your clients mind. Advanced communication skills to help understand the client’s attitudes, beliefs, values, needs, goals regarding money, mitigating risk and investing. How to have meaningful conversations about money, insurance, health, death, and build long term client relationships.
    16 hours delivered in classroom
  • Exclusive positioning. How to position the financial advisor as an exclusive respected trusted advisor. How to communicate trust, integrity and honesty to build meaningful relationships. Differentiate yourself from every competitor and be exclusive in your marketplace.
    8 hours delivered in classroom
  • The Emotivational Fact-Find. How to create a self-motivation for change, understand client needs, address objections, ambivalence, buyer’s remorse, competitive influences, obtaining client agreement and committed action. The Emotivational Fact-Find will help advisors demonstrate value through problem identification not problem solution giving the advisor a 90% closing ratio with qualified clients. Positioning Client Engagement Contracts, Personal Financial Reviews, financial planning and analysis tools in paper and digital format.
    8 hours delivered in classroom
  • Mastering the Approach for Prospecting. Bridging from a social conversation to a business conversation. Warm and cold market prospecting. Obtaining Introductions and Referrals. Overcoming call-reluctance.
    8 hours delivered in classroom
  • Mastering the Emotivational Fact-find Recruiting Mastery for sales managers. Advanced Training on financial service product service.
    8 hours delivered in classroom, 8 hours remote
  • How to recruit talented, ambitious, career oriented financial advisors.
    4 hours delivered in classroom, 4 hours remote
  • Leadership Development. Development of Sales Managers as leaders in business. Communication, Accountability. Training on how to mentor new advisors and develop their vital skills such as prospecting, networking, and presenting.
    4 hours delivered in classroom, 4 hours remote

72 Hours Training over 4 months. $14,500.00 per person, plus taxes. Please contact info@tomhalapatz.com to arrange an application interview.