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Attention: Sales Executives, Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Non-Professionals and everyone in the people business!

For the first time I’m giving you exclusive access to my renowned Emotivational Selling System

Let me walk you step-by-step through a proven High Trust Selling System that will make it easy to Close More Sales, – with Higher Profit Margins – in Less Time with Less Stress.

Introducing Emotivational Selling for Professional Sales People, or those that need to be!

Call it the “Easy way method” of closing business.

Let’s face it, most sales people know how to sell they just don’t know how to sell well. I’ve never met a sales person that doesn’t know the basics, how to build relationships and service customers; the problem is they don’t do it well. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, business success means capitalizing on every opportunity with the highest margin – while creating enough customer delight to ensure new clients refer you into their inner circle.

This is PRECISELY the reason why you must fine tune your selling skills. As I said most sales people know how to sell they just don’t know how to sell well. Which means they put themselves in the way of getting the appointment – making the sale – getting the referral – and are totally oblivious to it. Think of all the time and money invested to brand and market your product with the hope of getting in front of a qualified purchaser – then not close the business.

People can be difficult to work with! They’re conditioned not to trust, budgets are tight – and every industry is fiercely competitive. In today’s volatile economy, you can’t afford to be complacent, make presentations that don’t close – or leave money on the table.

Where do you start? How do you do it? It’s not as complicated as you might think, and I’m about to lay it all out to make it easy for you to understand. I can teach you to how to sell anyone on any idea or product, but it requires  commitment, an open mind, and a desire to improve.

You will learn how most salespeople are the source of their sales problems. Then I’ll teach you a practical, effective selling system that you can rely on to make it easy to create and close business opportunities.

We’ll start with a fresh approach to the client engagement; an approach that will attract people to you, because you don’t sound like everyone else. With the wrong approach, you’ll continue to be reactive, unaware of what is happening to you in a sales opportunity, repeating the same mistakes again and again.

This is not a traditional pump and dump motivational CD, full of hype and false promises. I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work when selling to the most difficult people in any economy and am now ready to share my approach to professional selling with you!

I created a powerful selling system; a modern selling “technology” called Emotivational Selling. For several years, my Emotivational Selling System was exclusively available to our training clients and the thousands who have attended my Seminars. I’ve now distilled it down into 8 CD’s of essential skills every sales entrepreneur needs to know. Most sales people are trapped in a “win some – lose some” selling cycle. Win some if you discount, lose some & waste time – and think its part of the job. It doesn’t have to be this way. Consistent wins separate the real pros from the amateurs.

Tom HalapatzHow am I so sure? Because I’ve been there! I’ve made a great living as a commission salesperson and owned significant businesses. While I’ve always been passionate and loved what I was doing – I’ve had challenges. In fact, I started my sales career selling photocopiers and I didn’t sell a machine for three months. The company I worked for, as many do, had great product training, but no sales training. I survived on shear determination – and sold product on price. It was a very stressful way to make a living – and quickly learned something had to change.

This was my first sales lesson: Sell the client not the product.

In addition, I made so many presentations that didn’t close; I was forced to do things differently for my own sanity and efficiency. This was the start of my mastering a second lesson: Make the sale before presentation of product, otherwise I left myself open to a continuance such as those dreaded “I’ll think about its”.

I wanted to learn how to be a “real pro”. Most sales trainers tell you what to do, but few teach you how to sell in today’s competitive arena. Meaning, when a sales “guru’s” sole training focus is on asking for the order 5 times, or always be closing, it just didn’t sit right with me because I wasn’t an “in your face” aggressive salesperson. Common sales approaches that don’t work in today’s tough selling environment – where consumers are savvy and are conditioned not to trust.

In a nut shell, this is what Professional Selling looks like: Sell trust, position exclusivity, create a connection, sell the client not the product, make the sale before the presentation of product, the close is the now easiest part of the sale and provide an extremely high quality sales experience that makes you referable. These are seven big sales lessons that will immediately improve closing ratios without discounting.

The key to increasing sales is simply being good at selling. Unfortunately for many salespeople, they don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know the many little ways they cheat themselves out of closing easy business without leaving profits on the table. So I created a modern, easy to learn selling approach to help you get good at it. Get good at what? Get good at selling!

What I’ve learned from my years of “selling in the trenches” is trust is the biggest sale ever made. You need reposition yourself as a exclusive respected trusted counsel not a salesperson. I learned to differentiate yourself from a competitor – people must respect you, “really” trust you – and see you as an integral part of their business success. Metaphorically speaking, its like having a seat at their dinner table, so when it comes making an important financial decision they rely on you to give them expert advise on what to buy and what not to buy – then act on your recommendations because they trust you.

To improve efficiency, I focus on how to:

  • Qualify sales leads to stop wasting time on opportunities that will never close, and ensure presentations are made to people who are in an actual position to say yes when a solution is offered.
  • Make the close the easiest part of the sales process, so people buy without having to be sold on anything.
  • You will learn how to “Get inside your clients mind” and pull out the truth. This is a must have skill to communicate with the resistant, soft spoken, analytical, expressive, close-minded, skeptical people you face every day. If you’ve been in sales for even a short period of time, I’m sure you know what it feels like to not get the truth, it’s frustrating and hurts. I’ll teach you how to get inside anyone’s head. This skill is worth its weight in gold when you learn it. Think about it, if you could get inside your client’s mind, who would you be? You’d be the client and know exactly what they’re thinking, feeling, hurting, and what their agenda or hidden agenda is. Wouldn’t that be nice to know! This skill is practical in every area of your life, whether you’re buying or selling, hiring or firing, working with a service provider or communicating with your spouse or teenager. There is always an opportunity to pull out the truth.  Have you ever found out something in a 2nd 3rd or 4th meeting you would like to have known in the 1st? And if you would have uncovered that information sooner, you would have either closed the sale or not wasted time working with someone who just wanted to shop you.
  • Work effectively with retail through to executive level clients – and know how to control complex, “big dollar” deals by motivating people to do what you need them to do to get to a Yes.

P.S. I spend very little time on objection handling – and closing. Why? Because the Emotivational Selling System prevents objections in sales presentations, so the close is and a natural progression.

My Emotivational Selling System is comprehensive and persuasive, gifting skills every professional and entrepreneur needs to sell and get things done. I turn the traditional approach upside down, shake it up, and help you understand how it’s putting you in a position to fail. Then we start from scratch on how to listen the right way, question the right way, sell with emotional intelligence, get the truth, thoroughly qualify, sell the committed action, fine tune your product presentation, write the contract, receive quality introductions, while creating a quality sales experience that that accurately represents your company brand, and promotes client advocacy of you into their inner circle.

Emotivational Selling is not something you do to another to make a sale, it’s an advanced selling system that will help you emotionally motivate people to make the changes they need to make in their life and do it in a way that purchasing the product is their idea not yours.

Here’s a list of the tracks on each CD. The descriptions are very intriguing:

CD 1

  • Welcome to Emotivational Selling
  • Trust is the biggest sale you will make
  • Professional Selling is all about the experience
  • Be a Trusted Counsel not a Salesperson
  • New Goal for every sales opportunity
  • Create Trust with Purpose

CD 2

  • How to get Inside Your Clients Mind
  • Addressing Communication Defects
  • Are you a Listener or a Talker?

CD 3

  • Good Questions get Good Answers
  • Advanced Questioning Techniques
  • Good Statements get Good Responses

CD 4

  • Reflective Listening
  • Summary Statements
  • How to Master the Drill down

CD 5

  • Mastering the Emotional Sell
  • The Emotional Fact Find
  • Emotional Fact Find Questions
  • Strategic Business Questions

CD 6

  • Qualification not Presentation
  • Who is the Real Decision Maker?
  • Sample Emotivational Interview
  • The Committed Action – No Action No Sale
  • Go for No
  • Control the Advance
  • Master the first Meeting

CD 7

  • Presentation Committed Action
  • Formal Presentation Agenda
  • Handling Reluctant Clients
  • Fine Tuning Product Presentations
  • The easy way to Close Business
  • Introductions not Referrals
  • Overcoming Self Destructiveness


  • Pre-call Planning and Sales Rules
  • Emotional Fact Find Questions
  • Drill Down Scripts
  • Introduction Trust Agendas

Emotivational Selling CD SetThe Eighth CD is phenomenal.

I created it to stop salespeople from “winging it”!  How would you like it if your pilot “winged it” on the flight home for Christmas Holidays, with no questions, no agenda, no direction – and no plan to get you home safely and on time. Would you place your trust in that pilot?

CD 8 focuses on how to pre plan a sales call. It’s a quick review of 270 important sales rules – a summary of the emotional fact find – my top 20 high value questions – review of the drill down – with a complete beginning to end sales call structure – and numerous examples  on how to build trust and position yourself exclusively. You would listen to me rather than the radio on while driving to your appointment.


You may be reading this introduction because you know me or have been introduced by one of my happy clients. If you stumbled upon my website without the benefit of knowing me or my clients, this information has come to you for a reason, the timing is perfect.

If you’re sceptical, that’s normal, so let me give you three good reasons why a decision to purchase Emotivational Selling for Professional Salespeople is the right decision:

Reason One: I’ve been a successful, top-producing salesperson for over 29 years. I’ve owned and worked with big and small companies, selling both products and services. I’ve studied vigorously studied and practiced professional selling as a craft, questioned what I was taught, learned from my mistakes – and focused on the underlying psychology that prevents trust connections. Then developed a sales approach based on trust and integrity, tested and refined it until I created a method of communicating trust that produces results.

Reason Two: I’ve been using these sales and communication strategies in my own business with amazing success. I enjoy my life and career, because the quality of my life is directly related to the quality of my relationships. I have great relationships with my wife, family, friends – and many great business acquaintances who place me in their inner circle.

Reason Three: Over the last years, I have worked with clients who have applied my sales strategies and have proven statistics that their sales have increased by 50%, 100%+ in a short period of time. I know if you’re willing to learn, and implement what you learn, you can achieve the same results.

What’s the investment?

This is a very serious tool for sales entrepreneurs who want to reach high levels of success in their business. My advertised rate for private clients is $10,000 per day. My Emotivational Selling seminars are $ 2,500 per person.

The investment for this 8 CD set is $399.00 including shipping. There is no impending event close so I will not include a free set of steak knives as a bonus if you buy today. Hopefully what I shared resonates with you.

It’s my wish that you have a more prosperous, stress free, happy life. Invest in your greatest asset, your ability to earn an income. Every investment you make in yourself pays off. Order the CD set.

Your trusted mentor,


Tom Halapatz

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