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Tom Halapatz

Professional Salesperson * Author * Sales Force Development Expert * Entrepreneur

Tom HalapatzTom Halapatz has been an Entrepreneur and Professional Salesperson for 30 years, with 15 years tenure as a successful sales trainer. With over 10,000 sales appointments under his belt, Tom has experienced the challenges entrepreneurs and salespeople face in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace and knows the secret to un-commoditizing your  company, product, salespeople and sales approach.

Tom Halapatz is the creator of Emotivational Selling and the High Trust Relationship Academy for Professional Sales People,  and the High Trust  Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors. Just 3 of Tom’s modern, unique customizable programs that will address the challenges salespeople face in creating and finalizing business opportunities. Unique in the context that he teaches: 1. How to actually sell trust. 2. How to create a self-motivation for change. 3. Make the close the easiest part of the sales process.

Tom delivers practical, immediately adaptable, selling skills that ignite sales productivity and create lasting results. “No theory”, “No Hype” just down to earth skills, delivered in a word for word, what to do & what to say format, that prevent salespeople from taking a submissive role in the sales process.

In his High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors, he offers unrivaled success: Double and triple weekly appointments, 90% closing ratio in those appointments, proactive client introductions, large investment sales, higher insurance premiums, in less time with less stress, that simply works. Its a non-manipulative approach to selling financial service products in which the advisor creates a self-motivation for the client to change. To summarize, instead of the advisor having to do the selling; he teaches advisors how to have conversations with clients in which they sell themselves, so much easier!

Through Key Note Speaking, customized Sales Training & Sales Coaching, Real Deal, and Field Coaching, Tom delivers a practical everyday skills and results. He has experience, he cares, is genuine, and does what he says he will do in the manner expected. Plus he’s a cool guy and fun to be around, yet serious and passionate about the profession. Which is why his services are regularly sought out by leading private and public sector organizations across North America such as Investors Group Financial Services, Freedom 55 Financial, Sun Life Financial, The Co-operators, Toshiba Business Solutions and many others.

Specialties: B2B and B2C Selling, Financial Services Selling, Selling the Intangible, High Ticket Price, How to get Inside your Client’s Mind, Sales Management and Negotiation.

What Others Have to Say

“The High Trust Selling System is worth its weight in gold. Tom will teach your team how to build trust faster, qualify quicker, out sell your competitors and make the close the easiest part of the sale.”

Brad Halverson

Branch Sales Manager, Alberta, Toshiba Business Solutions

“We’ve attended numerous company training programs and conventions, used referral generating systems and nothing works like Tom’s system. It just works! Tom is a polished presenter and a great guy, even after working with him for a short period of time you’ll get a sense he really cares about your success.”

William Peters

Investment Advisor, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

“What I learned allowed me to be very effective in transferring assets from competitors, upgrading clients into higher quality products. The revenue potential that can be attained from his selling system is limitless.”

Sonia Egey–Samu

Investment Advisor, Servus Wealth Strategies

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