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Meet Tom Halapatz

Tom Halapatz is a high trust relationship and change motivation expert. He is the founder of Emotivational Selling, advanced sales training for achievers and the High Trust Relationship Academy’s for Financial Advisors and Professional Sales People. Tom Halapatz is an entrepreneur and professional salesperson with 30 years experience. With over 10,000 sales appointments under his belt, Tom has experienced the challenges entrepreneurs and salespeople face in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace and knows how to sell trust and un-commoditize your product, company, salespeople and sales approach. Practical, and immediately adaptable, Tom’s commitment is to create real–world impact in a short time frame.

Programs with Tom Halapatz

High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors

Advanced Productivity Training for anyone in Financial Services

Have you ever wanted to make $100,000, $250,000 or $ 500,000+ a year selling financial service products? How do average advisors build multi-million dollar books and a successful practice? How do they position themselves exclusively, build trust, create and close business and receive quality introductions in environment where people are conditioned not to trust and financial service providers are viewed and treated like a commodity. Tom Halapatz’s High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors is your most value-able resource. Created and perfected to sell the intangible: Trust, Risk, Security and Peace of Mind.

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Recruiting Mastery For Financial Services

Elite Training for Managers in key business building roles

The art and science of attracting, inspiring, and retaining people to be a successful new hire with long term career potential in financial services.

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High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors Pro Series

Advanced Training for Financial Service Sales Managers

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Emotivational Selling

Innovative Corporate Training, Coaching, and Consulting

Is your product a Commodity? In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace there’s sameness in products, companies, and how those products and services are marketed and sold; it’s hard to differentiate yourself in a noisy market. Most companies or salespeople have little or no idea why people trust them or how to create and duplicate high trust relationships, other than “face time” over an extended period of time. What’s the secret? Mastering the art of creating High Trust Relationships is what differentiates average performers from top performers. Emotivational Selling will help attract, cultivate and convert meaningful relationships, and turn potential customers into longterm clients.

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High Trust Relationship Academy For Professional Sales People

High Achievers Training for those who want to be!

What’s the missing link that shortens conversation time and increases profitability? The High Trust Relationship Academy is offered to sales people and entrepreneurs via public seminar or customized for corporate clients. Training that: 1. Accurately represents your company brand, 2. Attracts, cultivates meaningful relationships with, and convert customers into long-term clients, 3. Develops salespeople to be effective competent professionals.

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